Welcome to the Il était une fois… [Once Upon a Time....] WikiEdit

This wiki is designed to expand and educate on a late-20th century television series, Procidis' Il Etait une Fois... ("Once Upon a Time..."). The original series was concieved by Albert Barielle, and has been televised in 26-episode series every few years or so.

on the subject describe at Wikipedia:Once Upon a Time.... It is about an animated French franchise, an educational cartoon series about various subjects in the universe. This wiki's URL comes from the French "fois", for "time", referring to the underlying concept of most Procidis' series [history], also revering the series' French origins. Besides that, "onceuponatime.wikia" was already taken.

This wikia has only recently been re-discovered by a passing-by fan of the series and is still undergoing overhauls, additions, revisions, &c. Eventually, the wikia will intend to have articles on all series belonging to Il etait une fois...:

  1. 1978 Man
  2. 1982 Space
  3. 1987 Life
  4. 1991 Americas
  5. 1994 Discoverers
  6. 1996 Explorers
  7. 2007 Music
  8. 2008 Earth

Until then, please be patient, or even better, watch some of the episodes yourself and contribute!

Latest activityEdit

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