Professor Globus

the old wise red corpuscle.

Globus' Deathbed

on his "deathbed" in the spleen.

Professor Globus is an elderly red corpuscle, well-travelled and incredibly knowledgable about how the body works. He enjoys his work and often serves as a mentor to Haemo, Globin, and anyone else who is curious and wants to hear him.

He is also incredibly fond of Italy and the Italian-named nerves of the skin. He does his job well and typically doesn't show any signs of decline (unlike some other elderly red corpuscles), but still accepts death solemly and reassures the others his proteins and psyche will be reincarnated, which they are. He is a red blood cell version of Maestro but with different face and Smaller size.


  • The alveoli ! Soon will have plenty of pure oxygen!